Megapulse VEES and HD648, employ a Microprocessor controlled, Patented Dual Pulse which induces 10,600 pulses per second into the battery. The first 5300 pulses of current per second are extracted from the battery after which the finely tuned Pulse Wave is created and induced back into the battery  at the same rate of 5300 per second. This highly efficient dual action targets crystallized inactive material, re-energizing it back into active service leaving the battery plates clear to function at full efficiency. The High Frequency / High Intensity Bi-Directional pulses restore reliability to the battery and the electrical system. VEES and HD648 use only 10mA of power which is derived from the battery, therefore no external power input is required. VEES conditions up to 1500Ah of battery capacity, while HD648 conditions up to 2000Ah of battery capacity. For battery banks of higher voltage or capacity, multiple units can be installed in series configuration.

Effective on All Types of Batteries

Megapulse VEES and HD648 are suitable for all types of batteries.

Tested and proven

By Scientific Organizations, OEM Manufacturers and Fleet Operators.