Battery Degradation

Battery degradation causes Electrical System Failures which leads to loss of Productivity, Increased Maintenance and Repairs. 

Capacity Loss

Lead Acid Battery plate grids are made up of lead oxide paste, this paste requires maximum voltage to remain firm to resist falling out when subjected to road shock or wave pounding at sea. Degradation causes chronic undercharging, keeping the plate material soft thus easily falling out of the grid resulting in permanent capacity loss, this directly affects the electrical system functionality and performance. VEES and HD648 address and eliminate this problem.


Vehicles, Vessels and Equipment operating on reduced voltages as a result of Degraded batteries, can not  burn fuel efficiently resulting in higher fuel consumption and higher Emissions. VEES and HD648 can help reduce emissions by Ensuring Maximum System Voltage.

Military / Emergency Vehicles

Military, Ambulance, Fire & Police vehicles demand error-free running of on-board equipment. These vehicles often operate at idle for long periods, as a result batteries are severely drained causing premature Degradation & Electrical Failures. VEES and HD648 prevent damage to the battery plates from deep discharge.

Scania reduced electrical faults

Scania ran a large scale 5 year field test involving 140 trucks, 70 were installed with Megapulse VEES & compared with 70 identical vehicles without VEES. Vehicles fitted with VEES achieved a reduction in electrical related faults from 56% down to 0.3%.  

USA Marine Corps 

A 12 month trial was carried out on base, where a significant increase in battery capacity was achieved in a range of applications with batteries of varying ages. As a result the US Marine Corps have installed an initial 50 units of Megapulse Technology across various applications with more to follow.

Volvo extended battery life

Volvo increased battery service life from less than 2 years to over 5 years and reduced Electrical Failures  in a 7 year field test , as a result  Volvo installed 100,000 trucks with Megapulse VEES under its own brand of Volvo Battery Reconditioner (VBR)

Warranty Claims

Warranty claims are of high concern to OEM manufacturers, whereas Down-Time is the concern for Fleet Operators, capability is the main concern for Defense forces. Megapulse VEES and HD648 have been proven to be effective in reducing electrical failures in all of the above sectors.


Over 25 years, customers worldwide have consistently shown reduced Electrical System Faults, reduced warranty claims, Improved reliability and Productivity.

Built for Harsh Environments

Megapulse VEES and HD648 are tested multiple times throughout the manufacturing process, our quality control is able to meet Zero defect targets set by OEM's. Our products are built to meet aggressive environmental conditions and we manufacture our technology in ISO-9001 certified facilities and back them with a 10 Year Replacement Warranty.