Beyond Warranty

We value our customers and stand behind our products even after our warranty has expired.  If you own any model of Megapulse and it is damaged or has failed outside of the warranty period, you can return it and purchase a current model VEES or HD648 model at 50% discount.

Upgrade Offer

If you own a superseded model and would like to upgrade to a current model, you can return it and purchase a new VEES or HD648 model at 50% discount.

Warranty / Tech Support 

If you require Technical Support or  Warranty assistance, please contact us, our products are backed by a 10 year replacement warranty.

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Megapulse Australia Pty Ltd

Brisbane,  Qld,  Australia

If you would like to speak to us over a phone call, please email us using the form at the left  and we will call you back ASAP.