Suitable for All  Applications, Land & Sea

Today's vehicles, vessels and equipment place high demands on batteries, causing them to degrade faster. VEES and HD648 ensure you have reliable and efficient power for your  on-board batteries and electrical systems. Our Technology is suitable for all applications on land and sea, keeping  batteries in "like new" condition and extending their service life by up to 3 times longer.

Failures at sea can be costly or life threatening

Pleasure craft or commercial vessel... a failure event is costly. If a road vehicle lets you down it’s a costly inconvenience or loss of productivity, but a vessel failing out at sea can be life threatening! Install VEES or HD648 and ensure your vessel's batteries and your electrical system will be reliable and efficient.

Ground-Support Aviation

Safety / Reliability are critical in aviation. Electrical Systems & Batteries must perform at maximum efficiency to ensure aircrafts take off and land safely.  VEES & HD648 are currently going through the aviation approval process, therefore they can only be installed on ground support vehicles and equipment for now.

Eliminate Damage caused by Long-Term Inactivity  

Batteries suffer from inherent self-discharge even when not connected to a circuit. When batteries are left idle in vehicles, vessels and equipment for long periods, degradation takes hold on the battery plates. Batteries are also subject to system key-off loads which are an additional drain increasing the problem further. Installing VEES or HD648 plus a Trickle Charger (indoors) or Solar Panel (outdoors) keeps batteries in a charged / like-new condition ensuring a start even after 3+ years of storage / inactivity. Vehicles, vessels or equipment in storage or idle for 8 weeks or more require this solution.

Multi-Voltage and Multi-Mode Functionality

VEES and HD648 automatically operate from 6 volt to 48 volt and are suitable for all types of Equipment, Vehicles and Vessels in Land and Sea applications, thanks to the multiple activation modes.

Quick & Easy installation

VEES and HD648 Technology are encapsulated in two Multi-Voltage products which are able to condition a single battery or battery banks of up to 1500/2000 Ampere Hours in any voltage configuration from 6v to 48v. Most applications only require one VEES or HD648 unit .

Can be used with All Batteries, including Lithium.