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Battery Degradation = Down-Time

Down-time is a High-Cost to Failure for  OEM Manufacturers and Fleet owners.

Degradation increases running costs

Its a knock-on effect which can be drastically reduced for OEM's and Fleet Operators.  Battery degradation causes Electrical System Faults which leads to Increased Maintenance and Repairs. 

Permanent loss of battery capacity

Battery plates are grids with lead oxide paste pressed into them, this paste requires maximum voltage to remain firm in order to resist falling out when subjected to road shock or wave pounding. Degradation causes chronic undercharging, causing the plate material to remain soft thus easily falling out of the grid causing permanent capacity loss and premature failure.

Higher Greenhouse Gas emissions

Vehicles, Vessels and Equipment operating on reduced voltages as a result of Degraded batteries, do not  burn fuel efficiently resulting in higher fuel consumption and higher Greenhouse Emissions.

Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicles (Ambulance, Fire and Police) demand error-free running of on-board equipment. These vehicles often operate at idle for long periods when responding to emergency calls, as a result batteries are severely drained causing Degradation and unreliability to increase dramatically.

Scania reduced electrical faults

Scania ran a large scale 5 year field test in which 70 trucks were installed with Megapulse and compared with 70 identical vehicles without Megapulse , the vehicles fitted with Megapulse achieved a reduction in electrical related faults and maintenance from 56% down to 0.3%.  

Volvo extended battery service life

Volvo increased battery service life from an average of 2 years to 5 years and reduced Electrical System Faults  in a 7 year field test , as a result  Volvo increased warranty.

Reduced Warranty Claims

  • Reduced OEM warranty claims
  • Reduced emergency road-side repairs
  • Reduced Down-Time for Fleet Operators 

Tried and Tested

22 years and thousands of customers worldwide have consistently shown reduced Electrical System Faults, resulting in reduced warranty claims, Down-Time, Improved Safety, Productivity and Reliability.

Micro Technology

Our technology uses patented components that are epoxy encapsulated, housed in a compact acid-resistant, hardened polypropylene case. Our Technology consumes only 10 Milli Amperes of energy. 

Multi-Voltage & Multi-Mode Technology

Our product automatically operates from 6 volt to 48 volt and is suitable for all types of Equipment, Vehicles, Vessels and Crafts in All Applications thanks to the multiple activation modes.

Built for OEM

  • Tested multiple times through the manufacturing process
  • Supported by comprehensive Risk and Contingency Plans
  • Able to meet strict zero defect targets set by OEM manufacturers
  • Manufactured to meet aggressive environmental conditions during use
  • Manufactured with high quality components in ISO9001 accredited facilities

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