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Reduce Costly Down-Time

Megapulse VEE System battery maintainer pack with battery


Suitable for all types of batteries including:  AGM, Gel, Flooded, Calcium, Auxiliary, Starting, etc...

Hornibrook Bus lines installs Megapulse on it's entire fleet

Hornibrook Buslines is one of Brisbane's longest serving bus lines, beginning its life in 1935 under the name of Hornibrook Highway Bus Service. Today they run a large fleet of nearly 100 buses.

Hornibrook Buslines have been running our Green Energy technology on part of their fleet for the past 4 years with great results and today we are proud to announce that Hornnibrook Buslines has taken delivery of a further 60 units of Megapulse Green Energy in order to fit out their entire fleet.

Reduce maintenance costs

Vehicles, vessels and crafts need maximum system voltage to achieve maximum fuel economy, low emissions and maximum reliability. For this to take place, the battery (the heart of the system) must be clean & healthy on the inside.  A sulphated battery causes the system voltage to be depressed placing stress on every electrical system component.

The problem

Sulphation is the leading cause of sick batteries and if left untreated it causes low system voltage in all types of vehicles vessels and crafts. Sulphation build up is a dense insulating barrier which forms on battery plates reducing the battery’s ability to accept and give off power. Ultimately it causes premature failure of the battery and key electrical system components.

The simple solution

Using  our patented Pulse Technology will Keep batteries working like new and ensure maximum system voltage resulting in maximum fuel economy, reliability, minimum emissions, reduced downtime, increased service life of onboard components and fewer battery replacements.

Made in Australia