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How much is Battery Degradation costing you? 


DC Electrical Systems are designed with efficiency, reliability and longevity built in as an integral part of design parameters, in practice however Vehicles, Vessels and Equipment often operate outside design parameters, this leads to Unreliability and early Failure of Components and Batteries, increasing unnecessary Maintenance and Repairs.   


Battery Degradation causes  Voltage Losses which directly affects Electrical System functionality, this in turn critically affects Reliability, Efficiency and Safety. Degraded batteries also run hotter due to higher internal resistance, creating gassing and electrolyte boil-off which is both Corrosive and Explosive. 


Megapulse Technology Eliminates Electrical System faults by drastically reducing battery Degradation.  Just as in humans, if our heart is sick our entire body struggles to function, so it is with batteries, the Heart of all DC electrical systems. 

Battery Degradation affects our Environment

By removing and preventing Degradation, batteries are kept out of the recycling loop up to 3 times longer reducing Lead in our Environment.

Made in Australia