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50% of All Breakdowns are a Result of

Electrical System Faults! 

DC Electrical Systems are designed by Engineers to run efficiently with reliability and longevity built in as an integral part of design parameters, in practice however electrical systems in Equipment, Vehicles, Vessels and Crafts are subjected to Voltage Losses forcing them to operate outside of design parameters, this leads to Inefficiency, Unreliability and early Failure of Components and Batteries, increasing unnecessary Maintenance and Repairs.  

Batteries are a Degrading Technology by nature and  Voltage Losses are a direct result of the poor state of health of the battery caused by Sulphation accumulation on battery plates which increases internal resistance causing Voltage Losses and Electrical System Faults. Unfortunately it does not end here, because Sulphated batteries run hotter due to the high internal resistance, creating gassing and acid boil-off which are both corrosive and explosive.

The problem

80% of batteries fail due to Sulphation build-up, which is a dense insulating barrier that forms on battery plates reducing the battery’s ability to accept and give off power, this directly affects the Electrical System functionality. Batteries therefore are the Key to Enable or Restrict Electrical Systems function which critically affects Safety and Reliability.

The solution

Megapulse Technology Eliminates Electrical System faults plus increases the Cycle and Service life of batteries in all applications.  Just as in humans, if our heart is sick our entire body struggles to function, so it is with batteries, the Heart of all DC electrical systems. 

Battery Health is Key in Enabling or Restricting Electrical System Function

By removing and preventing Sulphation build-up in batteries, Electrical Systems are once again able to work within design parameters and batteries are kept out of the recycling loop up to 3 times longer reducing Lead in our Environment.

Made in Australia

Megapulse installed on entire fleet after 4 year test

Hornibrook Buslines is one of Brisbane's longest serving bus lines, beginning its life in 1935 under the name of Hornibrook Highway Bus Service. Today they run a large fleet of nearly 100 buses.

Hornibrook Buslines have been running our Green Energy technology on part of their fleet for the past 4 years with great results and today we are proud to announce that Hornnibrook Buslines has taken delivery of a further 60 units of Megapulse Green Energy in order to fit out their entire fleet.