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Sick Battery = Sick vehicle =  Higher Emissions & lower bank balance!

Megapulse VEE System battery maintainer pack with battery
  1. Reduce your vehicle running costs
  2. Increase your vehicle fuel efficiency
  3. Reduce your vehicle pollution emissions
  4. Increase your battery performance & service life
  5. Increase your electrical system & component reliability 
  6. Reduce down-time, repairs, maintenance & associated costs

Volvo, Scania & Mercedes installed 115,000 units after 7 years of testing

Volvo Battery Reconditioner

As purchased by Volvo Sweden

Scania Battery Reconditioner

As purchased by Scania Sweden

Megapulse FAB-MK5

As purchased by Mercedes Norway

VEE System for Land, Sea and light Air applications













Reducing running costs

Vehicles require maximum system voltage to achieve high fuel economy, low emissions and maximum reliability. For this to take place, the battery (heart of the system) must be clean & healthy on the inside. A sick battery causes the system voltage to be depressed placing undue stress on every electrical system component, Alternators overheat trying to charge sick batteries, Starter Motors overheat trying to crank engines on reduced voltage & current. Scania reduced running costs by over 50% from 2005 to 2010 on a long term field test where 70 trucks were installed with Megapulse and compared with 70 identical vehicles not fitted with Megapulse Green Energy. Read the report here.  

The problem

Sulphation is the leading cause of sick batteries and when left untreated it is the cause of low system voltage in all types of vehicles vessels and crafts. Lead sulphate build up is a dense insulating barrier which forms on battery plates reducing the battery’s ability to accept and give off power. Ultimately it will cause premature failure of not just the battery but the entire electrical system and its components.

The simple solution

Keeping the battery clean & healthy on the inside will ensure maximum system voltage resulting in Maximum fuel economy, Maximum reliability, Minimum emissions, Reduced downtime and maintenance, Increased service life of onboard components and fewer battery replacements.

How does it work?

Megapulse VEE System induces 5300 specifically tuned pulses per second into the battery, this is done in direct response to the battery’s internal resistance. These pulses target cystallized Lead-Sulphate deposits and break them down reversing them back into active materials where they can once again produce power.

Ensure your vehicle, vessel or craft won't let you down when you need it most!