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Vehicle Electrics Enhancement System

Megapulse VEE System battery maintainer pack with battery

We believe we should achieve maximum efficiency from our vehicles, while our Environment receive minimum pollution from our vehicles.

Volvo, Scania and Mercedes agree and after testing our Pulse Technology for 7 years these automotive manufacturers have installed 112,000 units on new vehicles prior to customer delivery.

The Megapulse VEE System  battery maintainer improves  the efficiency of vehicle electrical systems and on-board batteries resulting in maximum fuel economy, reduced emissions, extended battery life, maximum reliability and safety.  

You will save time, save money, help our environment and ensure your vehicle, vessel or craft won't let you down when you need it most. 

Trusted by Volvo, Scania and Mercedes

Volvo Battery Reconditioner

Sold to Volvo Sweden under the VBR brand

Scania Battery Reconditioner

Sold to Scania Sweden under the SBR brand

Megapulse FAB-MK5

Sold to Mercedes Norway under
the Megapulse brand

Reducing vehicle running costs

Vehicles require maximum system voltage to function at maximum efficiency to achieve maximum fuel economy and minimum emissions, in order for this to take place the battery (the heart of the system) must be in peak condition. A sick battery causes the system voltage to be depressed placing undue stress on every electrical system component, Alternators struggle and overheat trying to charge sick batteries and starter motors struggle and overheat trying to crank engines on reduced voltage and current.

Sulphation is the leading cause of sick batteries and when left untreated it is the cause of poor system voltage in all types of vehicles vessels and crafts. Lead sulphate build up is a dense insulating barrier which forms on battery plates reducing the battery’s ability to accept and give off power. Ultimately it will cause premature failure of not just the battery but it affects the entire electrical system and its components.

Keeping the battery healthy on the inside will ensure maximum system voltage resulting in Maximum fuel economy, Minimum emissions, Reduced downtime and maintenance and Increased service life of onboard components and batteries.

How is this done? Megapulse Green Energy VEE System induces 5300 pulses per second into the battery, this is done in direct response to the battery’s internal resistance. These pulses target cystallized sulphate deposits and break them down reversing them back into active materials where they can once again produce power.