Customer Reviews

After 7 years of intensive field testing beginning  in 2004 and ending in 2011, Volvo increased battery service life in vehicles from an average of 2 years to over 5 years plus decreased electrical system faults by installing VEES, a saving of  $1,100 per annum, per vehicle over 5 years.  Since concluding their tests, Volvo Sweden has installed 100,000 VEES units sold under the Volvo Battery Reconditioner (VBR) brand in the aftermarket segment of new trucks in Europe, prior to customer delivery


"We tested VEES Green Energy on five order pickers in 2005. The result after one year of testing was very encouraging and we decided in 2006 to install VEES on all battery applications as well as all distribution vehicles at the Stokke facility. Our crews and managers confidently recommend VEES as a significant product in terms of cost reduction, safety and reliability

Bama Dagligvare, Norway


“VEES Green Energy has been fitted to Thermo King refrigeration trailers in Europe since 2007. 

Thanks to the use of VEES Green Energy Technology, we have experienced a reduction in battery replacements and an increase in the run time of refrigeration trailers when not in transit”

Thermo King, Europe

I have been in the bus industry all my life, my father owned the company before me. We purchased 3 VEES Green Energy units 19 years ago.  All of the original VEES units are still working fine 19 years later, and since installing them we have been able to achieve an average of eight years service life out of each set of batteries with some lasting longer. crookwell Bus Service is in a town that experiences extremes in weather with temperatures of -5 to -10 degrees Celsius and I am glad to say we have had no problem starting our busses in the worst of conditions. I would happily recommend VEES Green Energy to any commercial operator, because they simply work

Crookwell Bus Lines Australia

I am a supporter of Pulse Technology for keeping battery electrodes clean and healthy and I have experienced first hand the benefits flowing on to the electrical system to reduce electrical failures. I have lived off grid for 20 years, always with batteries equipped with VEES technology. Some of my original batteries are still performing well thanks to VEES. I know pulse technology is effective because I have been working with electrostatic precipitators in the coal industry for 30 years where we use similar pulse methods. These systems are very effective especially in Queensland where the black coal has a high sulphur content producing dust with high resistivity. 
Pulsing prevents this unwanted process by keeping the electrodes clean and allows the precipitators to operate within EPA regulations

W. Schaletzki, Australia

Megapulse USA LLC presented their Dual Pulse technology to us in June 2017, and offered to leave 2 units with us and have us run an in-house trial of their technology to see for ourselves the the rejuvination ability of their technology.
We began testing the VEES battery conditioner in July on some Odyssey PC1500 AGM batteries which had failed and were sitting idle on the factory floor, these batteries were showing Zero CCA.
We were able to fully recover these batteries back to their factory specification of 880 CCA over a 5 week period with a 2 amp charge plus the VEES units installed on these batteries.
We saw amazing results on our bench test, as a result Bayliss Boat Works now installs the VEES battery conditioner as standard equipment on all new vessel builds for preventative maintenance on our intricate battery systems.

Bayliss Boat Works - USA

Over a 5-year period, Scania ran a large scale field test where 70 trucks were fitted with VEES Green Energy and compared the running costs associated with electrical system and battery maintenance to 70 identical trucks without VEES. The results showed a reduction in running costs and Electrical system faults from 56% to 0.3% on trucks fitted with VEES while trucks without VEES incurred running costs 50% higher. The results show that VEES is a cost reduction technology


"We are pleased with the performance of the VEES after a 2 year field test carried out on our bus fleet. We now rarely need to replace batteries, and especially appreciate that all bus electronics function efficiently, which has increased the reliability of our buses and decreased downtime and maintenance required. We have installed our entire fleet with the VEES Green Energy product"

Unibuss, Norway

We purchased our 1st VEES in 2009,  for one of our forklifts in which batteries were failing. The cost to replace the batteries was high, so our technicians advised after some research to purchase VEES instead of new batteries. The batteries in the forklift in question are still performing at near new capacity. We are very impressed with how MVEES Green Energy keeps batteries in service longer. We have now purchased an additional 43 units

REC Wafer, Europe

I bought a Dethleffs motorhome with two 92 Ah AGM as auxiliary batteries. Year 1, the electrical system worked well. Year 2 was also without problems, but I noticed the batteries were not as efficient as year 1. The Easter trip on year 3 was disappointing. Throughout the trip I had to charge the batteries often because voltage dropped quickly. I replaced the batteries with two AGM batteries. This fixed the problem, but battery replacements are expensive and cause costly down-Time. I learned of VEES at an exhibition and purchased 2 units. I installed 1 on the house batteries and 1 on the start battery. Subsequent trips were a positive experience, we did ran out of power again

Dethleffs Club Norway

I have lived off grid on solar power for 24 years, with second hand panels and batteries to keep costs down.  I was given a used forklift battery pack which I re-configured into a 12v bank.  There were a couple of cells that would not charge to full voltage so the pack would drop in voltage very quickly.  A friend told me about VEES, and I purchased two units after some research.  After 3 months with two VEES units installed, I noticed a remarkable improvement. The low cells were now taking full charge which they held for much longer.  The solar regulator showed higher voltage and I was achieving longer run times from the battery.  Using VEES has kept an old battery bank functioning for over ten years, providing power for a family of four. Not bad for a battery pack I acquired for free and listening to advice from a friend

D. Smithers, Australia

On Anzac Day 2015, a 1952 GMC USA Army truck we operate to support Veterans marching in the Brisbane Parade suffered a fuel problem causing us to crank the engine longer than usual.  After minutes of cranking, just before the batteries collapsed, the engine finally started. The two  12-volt Lead Acid Batteries are the original batteries installed prior to importing the truck from USA in 2007.  Megapulse Australia Pty Ltd offered to run a trial of their technology on our GMC truck to show the technology’s ability to rejuvenate degraded batteries. Pre-install tests on the degraded batteries were carried out, then 2 x VEES units installed. Tests over the following 4 months revealed surprising results with the batteries returning to their full CCA rated capacity. Today the GMC truck is still running the same 2007 batteries which are performing at their full rated capacity.  The trial clearly showed us the benefits of  VEES technology.

McIntyre Equipment - Australia

"Our experience with VEES Green Energy has been astonishing. The boost VEES gives our vehicles electrical systems is amazing. Batteries get a much better and longer life, which results in fewer electrical problems and maintenance cost savings in the thousands for our customers over the life of the vehicles we sell. In Norway with our extreme climate, VEES is saving us a lot of problems and we now fit VEES on every new Vito and Sprinter we sell prior to customer delivery"

Mercedes-Benz, Norway

"We have used the VEES Green Energy product in the workshop to recover and refresh degraded batteries for some time, and we also use VEES in our own fleet  of vehicles.
We recommend  using VEES Green Energy to all our customers as a way to achieve the best possible performance and service life from the batteries  we sell” 

Battery World, Australia

We live off grid, using solar to run our house. In  2011 we purchased 6 batteries (8 years old). I ran them for 2 years before noticing problems, 1 failed and was replaced. I began looking for a solution to avoid further problems, a friend told me about VEES so I purchased 2 units and installed them. I haven't touched them since.  They are still working fine in 2017. Thank you Megapulse for a problem solving technology

Coraki, Australia

Batteries today are subjected to higher demands but manufacturers have not increased capacity to deal with higher loads. All batteries degrade which leads to reduced capacity and voltage losses in the electrical system causing vehicles to become unreliable. Ultimately degradation leads to premature failure of the battery.  I have had a VEES unit installed on my work vehicle for over one-year after which it was tested and found to be in a condition unchanged from new. This battery has a difficult life. VEES also rejuvenated batteries that were going to be discarded. After 1 month with VEES, old batteries were put back into service for one more year, a great result

Ferno Norden

I have been using VEES Green Energy technology in conjunction with a Projecta 1.6 Amp charger for a number of years with great success. 

I purchased several VEES Green Energy units and have one unit installed on my Toyota Landcruiser, one unit installed on my caravan, and one unit on my boat. 

I am very happy to say that, the battery in my boat will be 11 years old in December 2017.

Each season, I take the battery out of the boat and have it professionally tested by the local battery dealer who assures me it is still up to the original specification. 

Thank you for a great product which does exactly what it claims to do

G. Flight, Australia

I take this opportunity to thank you for the informed presentation of  your VEES technology and for giving Greenville Utilities the opportunity to test your technology on several of our trucks and equipment. 
Since our fleet is mostly comprised of lead acid batteries, we wanted put your technology to work in different situations. 

Battery health data recorded over the 3 month trial period showed steady increases in CCA, charge voltages and rest voltages.

We can see that the degradation content in our batteries has been reduced, which has resulted in easier engine starting, faster recharging and less stress on electrical components.

Again I thank you and look forward to using  your product on our fleet of vehicles.

Greenville Utilities - USA