Customer Care

We value our customers and stand behind our products even after our warranty has expired. 

If you own a VEES and it is damaged or failed outside warranty period, you can return it & purchase a current model VEES at 50% discount.

Also, if you own a superseded model and would like to upgrade to the current model, you can return it & purchase a new VEES at 50% discount.

Sales / Warranty / Tech Support 

If you require Information, Tech Support or  Warranty assistance, please contact us.

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Megapulse International Pty Ltd

AU Cell: +61(0) 4 0725 4299

AU Office: +61 (0) 7 3325 4200

Location: Brisbane, Australia


Megapulse USA  LLC

US Cell: +1 (252) 375 1615

US Office: +1 (786) 577 7155

Location: Greenville NC, USA