For Land & Sea Applications

Today, vehicles vessels and equipment place high demands on batteries, causing them to degrade faster. VEES ensures reliable and efficient power for  on-board batteries & electrical systems. 

Vessels that fail at sea... can be life threatening

Whether it’s a pleasure craft or a commercial vessel, a failure event is costly. If a road vehicle lets you down it’s an inconvenience, but a vessel failing out at sea... can be life threatening!

Ground support Aviation

Safety and Reliability is critical in aviation. Electrical Systems & batteries must perform at maximum efficiency to ensure aircrafts take off & land safely again.  VEES is not yet aviation approved hence it can only be installed on ground support vehicles and equipment for now.

Long-Term Inactivity  

Batteries suffer self-discharge even when not connected. When batteries are left idle for long periods, degradation takes hold. Batteries in vehicles, are subject to the key-off loads which are an additional drain increasing the problem further. Installing VEES plus a Trickle Charger (indoors) or Solar Panel (outdoors) keeps batteries in a charged/like new condition ensuring a start even after 3+ years of storage. Vehicles in storage for 8 weeks+ require this solution.

Multi-Voltage & Multi-Mode

VEES automatically operates from 6 volt to 48 volt and is suitable for all types of Equipment, Vehicles and Vessels in Land and Sea Applications, thanks to the multiple activation modes.  VEES  is epoxy encapsulated and housed in a compact acid-resistant polypropylene case.

Flexible and Versatile

VEES Technology is encapsulated in a single Multi-Voltage product which is able to condition a single battery or a battery bank of up to 1500 Ampere Hours in any voltage configuration from 6v to 48v. Most applications only require one VEES unit .

For all batteries except Lithium & Nicad